2012-2014      MFA, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL

2007-2012      BFA (Hons) Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL      

2010-2011      BFA exchange, St. Lucas, Ghent, BE    

2009                EEA exchange, Berlin, GER


Solo Exhibitions

2020                Pracownia Portretu, Łódź, PL (Duo with Antonia Brown)

2016                The Latest, Galerie Rianne Groen, Rotterdam, NL           

2015                Mobile Homes, Künstlerhaus Otte 1, Eckernförde, GER    

2013                A room of one's own, Galerie Rianne Groen, Rotterdam, NL


Group Exhibitions

2020               Cigarettes & Cookies, Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam, NL

2020               Martin van Zomeren, Art Rotterdam, NL

2020               Antonia Brown, Brussels, BE

2019               Projekt Es Spionagé, Dapper, Amsterdam, NL 

2019               Koninklijke Prijs voor de Vrije Schilderkunst, Koninklijk  Paleis, Amsterdam, NL

2019               Like water in water, De School, Amsterdam, NL 

2019               Conversations with Friends, Shiro Oni, Gunma, JP

2019               Prospects & Concepts, Mondriaan Fonds, Rotterdam, NL

2019               Dovetailing, Rianne Groen, Rotterdam, NL

2018               24 Kleurplaten, Billytown, The Hague, NL

2018               Even if it's Jazz or the Quiet Storm, Nest, The Hague, NL 

2018               Aisle / Ation, Souterrain, Amsterdam, NL

2018               Amsterdam Art Trail, Galerie Lemaire, Amsterdam, NL

2017               Sensibility as Media, Konschthaus, Luxembourg, LUX

2017               Disruptive Voices, Expoplu, Nijmegen, NL           

2016               Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs, Kunsthuis SYB, NL

2016               Mano Y Mano, Intersections, Art Rotterdam, NL

2016               In Search of Thomas Pynchon, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, NL

2015               Ridder Thirst and other stories Thumbs Up, S&L, Johannesburg, SA

2015               Urbi et Orbi, Dürst Britt & Mayhew, The Hague, NL

2014               All Glitched Up, BP Loud Tate, Tate Collectives, Tate Britain, London, UK

2014               Kairos Time, TENT, Rotterdam, NL

2014               Future starts slow, Rianne Groen, Rotterdam, NL

2013               OpZicht 'Let's go in search of', Stroom, The Hague, NL

2013               Now or Never # 2, GEM/Fotomuseum, The Hague, NL

2012               Fast is good for us, 1646, The Hague, NL



Collaborative Projects


2016               Film festival, Locatie Z, The Hague (The Holls Collective)

2015               Art Brussels, Nieuwe Vide, Brussels (The Holls Collective)

2014               Outsourcing Performance, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (The Holls Collective)

2014               Galerie De Aanschouw, Rotterdam (The Holls Collective)

2014               Museumnacht Leiden, Hortus Botanicus, Leiden (The Holls Collective)

2013               Avantgarde en de achterban, 37PK, Haarlem (The Holls Collective) 

2013               Relax Baby be Cool, Haarlemse Lente, Haarlem. (The Holls Collective)



2020                    Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Thread, Senegal, SN (Nov-Dec 2020)

2019                    Royal Award for Modern Painting 2019, Amsterdam, NL (Oct-Nov 2019)

2019                    Shiro Oni residency, Gunma, Japan, JP (April-June 2019) 

2019                    Mondriaan Fonds, Project grant (Shiro Oni 2019)

2019                    Stroom Den Haag, Project grant (Shiro Oni 2019)

2017                    Mondriaan Fonds, Werkbijdrage Jong Talent, NL (February 2017-2018)

2016                    Studio Neïl Beloufa, Paris, FR (February-April)                       

2015                    Künstlerhaus Otte1, Eckernförde, GER (September-November)

2015                    Sober&Lonely Institute of Contemporary Art, Johannesburg, SA (Feb-March)

2014-2017           Smiley, Vestia, work in public space, Stieltjesstraat, The Hague, NL 

2014-2015           Stroom Pro Invest, Stroom, The Hague, NL

2014-2016           Community Art Project, assistant teacher, Haagse Hoge School, The Hague, NL

2014-2017           Beeldentuin Clingenbosch, Museum Voorlinden, guide&guard, Wassenaar, NL

2013-2017           Member of The Holls Collective, The Hague, NL

2009                    Residency, EEA, Berlin, GER (August-September)


Machteld Rullens (1988) lives and works in The Hague. Rullens works with sculptural elements that have a strong link with painting but are rarely applied with a brush. She uses everything that’s available and that reflects her basic mood. That mood is a reflection of the time and of the world that, in spite of all its beauty, is overstimulated and possible even bored. Her wall objects, made from found cardboard boxes and epoxy resin, are full of emptiness. Rullens started painting on cardboard boxes when she ordered art supplies for the studio and noticed that the boxes could be tackled in a far more aggressive and impulsive way than for example a blanc canvas. She shapes and rearranges the cardboard boxes, something that was once fragile into something sturdy, relating to elements of play, composition, and architecture.   

Machteld Rullens studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Her work has been shown in several solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions, such as ‘A room of one’s own’ and ‘The latest’ at Galerie Rianne Groen, Rotterdam; ‘Mobile Homes’, Künstlerhaus Otto 1, Eckernförde; Prospects & Concepts, Art Rotterdam; Billytown, The Hague. In 2019 Rullens received the Royal Award for Modern Painting. This year she will be a resident at Thread in Senegal awarded by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. Her work is represented by Martin van Zomeren in Amsterdam.


‘Naast die naar ironie neigende zelfreflectie is er vooral het ongedwongen plezier dat de werken uitstralen (tegen de melancholie in), een onbekommerdheid die je in de hedendaagse kunst zelden meer ziet en die misschien daarom juist belangrijk is om uit te dragen. Schilderkunst is daar ook uitermate geschikt voor, meer dan fotografie of een ander medium belichaamt het die onbekommerheid ook zelf, in haar hele zijn (schilderkunst ís het, of beter, kan het zijn, terwijl ander werk enkel de representatie ervan is, op z’n best). Rullens laat zien dat het pure maakplezier niet iets is om te vergeten tussen al het getob in hedendaagse tentoonstellingen door. De kunst zelf als laatste redmiddel, tegen de leegte. Je kunt het ook experimenteerdrift pur sang noemen, met een vleugje kunsthistorische accuratesse. Rullens kent haar pappenheimers, ze is niet naïef. ook dat maakt het goed.’ — Domeniek Ruyters


‘Beside this almost ironic self reflection, there is above all, an uninhibited joy which the works emanate ( against all gloominess), a carefreeness one seldom sees in contemporary art and which therefore is important to be propagated. The art of painting is uncommonly suited for this, more so than any other forms of visual arts. Painting fully embodies this carefreeness. Rullens demonstrates that the joy of making something shouldn’t be forgotten amidst all drudgery at contemporary exhibitions. Art itself as a last resort against an inner void. One might call it a drive for experiment pur sang with a touch of art historical accuracy. Rullens knows the ropes, she is not ingenuous, all of this makes the work very good.’ — Domeniek Ruyters


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