The Latest


video 10:26, French and Dutch with English subtitles

The work reflects both French culture and her personal experiences as a foreigner abroad. In her video work ‘Through Rose-Colored Glasses’ Rullens chooses a one-armed lobster as the protagonist. The lobster, perhaps a cliché representative of French heritage, plays the lead in a video work that is part documentary, part fictional account, part behind the scenes. In the video she pays a visit to the Marché International de Rungis, the largest wholesale market in the world. At the market, she documents the place where the lobster changes from an animal into a commodity. 
In her sculptural work, Rullens references her recurring theme of the sense of home. 
Imagery of mailboxes and envelopes scattered across the floor repeatedly appear within the exhibition. ‘The Latest’ shows the diversity of Rullens’s themes and working methods as an artist, that sometimes takes on the role of a journalist or anthropologist. She tries to capture Parisian culture through her own rose-colored glasses.

Rianne Groen



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